M. Adams & Associates, Inc. provides insurance products and services to commercial and industrial accounts designed to reduce expenses, improve cash flows, and eliminate or reduce threats to working capital, profits and assets.  This allows our clients to implement their business strategy and achieve their goals.  Below is an outline of our services, click the Business button for more detailed information. 




We provide insurance covering all construction operations with ancillary coverages that are required by the construction contract:  Builders Risks, Railroad Protective, Owners and Contractors Protective (OCP), Umbrella/Excess including primary and non-contributory wording.   We work with Owner or Contractor Controlled Projects (OCIP’s and CCIP’s) and we will complete the insurance cost section on the project forms. 


We set up hourly insurance costs and estimator’s rates or provide spreadsheets that automatically calculate insurance costs for bid purposes.  We perform pre-audits, audit reviews and post audit revisions.  Audited prevailing wages are reduced in accordance with the NJ Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau rules.  We confirm you are receiving your Workers Compensation Contractors Construction Credit.   Insurance required by contract specifications are reviewed prior to the bid.  Pre-bid insurance cost estimates are provided to estimators for additional coverages. 


Surety Bonds


Contractors contract, license and permit bonds plus commercial bonds are available through M. Adams & Associates, Inc.  We have  surety companies that can meet your needs whether there is a problem obtaining bonds or if you are seeking to improve your single project limits.  Our sureties are A rated and T listed.  Underwriters are responsive and rates are competitive.




The company insures all types of energy related accounts that includes fuel oil delivery operations, gasoline and propane dealers and haulers; terminal operators and above and underground storage tanks.  We provide insurance for all of the company’s exposures – Auto – Property – Cargo – Liability – Excess Liability.  Specific DOT endorsements are provided.  Pollution Liability is incorporated in the basic policy coverage and this eliminates the need to purchase a separate pollution policy.


Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers


Our company insures manufacturers, distributors and retailers making and selling all product types.  We provide products liability and products recall liability in addition to property, liability, and automobile and workers compensation insurance.


Services for All Clients


  • Managing claims is the single most important service we offer. Claims management is important because it has a direct relationship to premium. Small claims generates small premiums.   


  • We perform commercial property building valuations using the Marshal Swift Boeckh (MSB) on line valuation program.


  • Large commercial building fire insurance rates are reviewed for unnecessary charges. 


  • Commercial General Liability and Workers Compensation classifications are reviewed, analyzed and changed where necessary to accurately reflect operations and reduce cost. 


  • We review your Experience Rating Modification to confirm it is correct. 


  • We examine prior Workers Compensation claims for over-reserving, reporting mistakes and clerical errors to reduce your Experience Rating Modifier.


  • Certificates of insurance are issued on demand and all endorsements are processed immediately. 


  • We perform an annual insurance surveys to update all policy coverages. 


  • We provide spreadsheets that automatically calculate future audit results during the policy year.  


Life Insurance Needs


  • Buy and Sell Agreement Funding - Use a life insurance policy to guarantee that the control of the business will stay with the owners designated in the agreement.  This can cover death or disability.   


  • Executive Bonus - The insurance policy is owned by an executive(s) and the company makes contributions to the policy.  There are a number of uses for this policy:  It can provide a standard life insurance policy death benefit or it may be used to disability or long term care insurance or retirement benefits.


  • Employee Benefits - Individual employee or group life and health products.


  • Key Person Insurance - The company provides a life insurance policy on either a key employee or group of key employees.  The benefits can fall to the company or be shared. Upon retirement, the employee can buy the policy or receive the accumulated cash value as a retirement bonus.  



This is only a highlight of the services we provide to our insureds.  We have affiliate companies that work with our insureds providing health insurance plans, life insurance plans, investment brokerage, pensions, equipment and vehicle repair and painting.  We also provide personal insurance to our insureds and their employees.  M. Adams & Associates, Inc. is a company that goes the extra mile for our clients, the main ingredient for a lasting relationship.     



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