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Pollution Liablity Insurance

Protect your business from pollution related losses.

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Pollution Exposures Are Everywhere

Companies of all types face environmental exposures that can emanate from their operations or federal or state regulations. Pollution can cause injuries to people, damage property and pollute the environment. Those responsible for the pollution will be held accountable and this will cost many dollars either in defense, clean up or settlement.

What Kind of Businesses Cause Pollution?

Manufacturing operations face pollution entanglements from the by-products of their manufacturing processes. Medical facilities face pollution exposure from the waste they produce. Contractors can bring pollutants on-site at a construction project or accidentally release pollutants already on the site. Haulers rolling down the highway face pollution exposures from the product they are transporting – chemicals, fuel or waste.

How Pollution Liability Insurance Works

A pollution claim from any source can trigger a cleanup on your property or third-party liabilities for injury to people or damage to property. Pollution policies can provide reimbursement for clean-up costs, third party liability coverage including defense and on-site pollution discoveries for properties that you own. The Pollution Policy protects the company from financial loss.

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