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Construction Insurance

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What We Provide

We provide insurance covering all construction operations with ancillary coverages that are required by the construction contract: Builders Risks, Railroad Protective, Owners and Contractors Protective (OCP), Umbrella/Excess including primary and non-contributory wording. We work with Owner or Contractor Controlled Projects (OCIP’s and CCIP’s) and we will complete the insurance cost section on the project forms.

How It Works

We set up hourly insurance costs and estimator’s rates or provide spreadsheets that automatically calculate insurance costs for bid purposes. We perform pre-audits, audit reviews and post audit revisions. Audited prevailing wages are reduced in accordance with the NJ Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau rules. We confirm you are receiving your Workers Compensation Contractors Construction Credit. Insurance required by contract specifications are reviewed prior to the bid. Pre-bid insurance cost estimates are provided to estimators for additional coverages.

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