Google fonts script Affordable Business Insurance for Your Hazlet, NJ Company

“Risk is like fire:
If controlled it will help you;
if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

What does insurance do for your business?

Insuring your business guarantees continuity. It fills in the potholes and smooths the bumps. It lowers your everyday risk. It provides a firewall against claims that, if uncovered, would bankrupt the company. Even though a serious claim has occurred, the company can still carry on. The insurance company adjusts and pays the claim and bears the expenses for legal fees and settlements.

Claims happen every day and can come from fleet accidents, arise out of operations, or a product may injure a consumer. A fire can damage your building or consume your contents including your stock on hand. There are claims from employees, vendors, and customers. There are claims arising out of contractual obligations. There are employee health concerns and pension programs.

Coverage Options for Your Business

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